Welcome to Zinc Innovation Shout - August version. 

Hello and welcome to this month's wrap-up of the innovations that have caught our eye recently. This month we look into the world's most innovative companies, some words from the Pfizer CEO and Moxie, your Robot new best friend. Enjoy! 

The World's Most Innovative Companies

Business as usual is over. Companies around the globe, in every industry, have spent the past 12 months confronting challenges both practical and existential. Some have failed. Many have simply survived. A select few have flourished, remaking their businesses and illuminating the way forward for others. These are the businesses we’re celebrating on our annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies ... more


Pfizer's CEO: 3 key decisions helped it develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time

Bourla and Pfizer’s head of vaccine research Kathrin Jansen, joined Fast Company Editor in Chief Stephanie Mehta at the Most Innovative Companies Summit for a conversation about how Pfizer created an effective vaccine so quickly... more


Biobot Analytics knows if you have COVID-19 before you do—from your poop

The company—which uses genomic and chemical assays and data analytics to detect viruses, bacteria, and chemical metabolites flushed into a community’s waste stream—started out testing municipal sewage systems for spikes in opioid drug use. But when COVID-19 hit, it rapidly devised a method for finding the virus in sewage, and its business exploded ... more


How Resonance built the on-demand, low-waste clothing factory of the future

This year, the brand will launch a QR code on its garments that will allow the customer to trace the origins of the materials and even watch videos of their garment being made on the factory line. Here’s how Resonance works ... more


Meet Moxie, the robot that could be your child’s or parent’s new best friend

Consumer robots aren’t really a thing yet, but some specialized robots are starting to edge toward the mainstream. One of those is a big-eyed little robot named Moxie, which its maker, Pasadena, California-based Embodied, designed to be an emotionally intelligent friend to a child ... more


How AI startup Pachama brings transparency to carbon offset projects

Protecting and replanting forests is a crucial part of the fight against climate change as trees pull CO2 from the atmosphere. But tracking progress—and understanding how much carbon a forest is storing—is a labor-intensive, manual process ... more


How reservation startup Tock saved the restaurant industry in the nick of time

The plan is to welcome his employees to the company with an introductory pep talk. He’ll explain how his 6-year-old reservation system is designed to help chefs manage both their dining rooms and kitchens more efficiently … more


Inside Microsoft and Sony’s plans to dominate gaming

On the surface, Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment may seem to be gaming doppelgängers: Both released high-profile new consoles (the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5) and a slew of hit titles in 2020. But their approach to the $150 billion gaming market is markedly different ... more



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